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The Rene Pierre Club Foosball Table

The Rene Pierre Club Foosball Table review

Are you looking for an elegant yet versatile foosball table for your home or restaurant? Rene Pierre’s Club foosball table is the ideal choice. Read on for more insight on why this impressive table is a favorite among foosball enthusiasts.

If you are conversant with French foosball tables, you understand their versatility and easy to play mechanism. The Rene Pierre Club foosball table is a French manufactured table mainly built for the European playstyle as opposed to the US playstyle. It features a top-quality construction design as well as angled legs, telescopic rods, and side ball return; among many others. This table can withstand long hours of competitive gameplay without flaking due to its unique ability to withstand intense utilization.

Known for his unique taste and style, Rene Pierre manufactures foosball and pool tables centered around the European style of play. From its pin shots, finesse and ball control, purchasing a Rene Pierre foosball table is well worth the investment if you are looking for the best foosball table. These tables are tailored to cater to both new and experienced foosball players, regardless of their top-notch parts and skilled ball control options.

What to expect from the Rene Pierre Foosball table?

Rene Pierre tables pride themselves in being hand-crafted by French artisans.  From cabinetmaking to painting and stone work to its cloth covering, this table has a simple yet inviting look which matches any home décor.

The table has chrome-plated steel telescopic rods with ergonomically round handles attached to Teflon rings and damping springs for a secure grip and quality game experience. It also has a full player set of die-cast metal, hand-painted and counterbalanced men, who are attached to the playing rods, as well as a single goalie on each end of the table. The club model also comes with accessories such as two cork foosballs and a built-in ‘counting frame’ unit.

What are the key features?

This competitive quality football table comes in a wood finish, ideal for fitting the style and design of any indoor environment. It is easy to assemble and requires minimal maintenance because of its high-quality and durable material. The table combines both sophisticated and classic foosball gameplay to add a touch of distinction and elegance to any place.

Apart from its stylish appearance, here are a few more features of this nifty table.

Smooth gliding and stable playing surface

French tables are known for their linoleum-coated playing surface and their cork balls made of aluminum. This table is no different. The soft surface and unique texture of the balls allow your foosballs to glide easily and smoothly across the surface.  The linoleum playing field also increases the resistance of the ball enabling optimum shooting precision and power when playing the game. With more ball control, you can execute your game strategy much faster and confuse your opponent’s goalie, thus winning the game.

This table has a reinforced angled base due to its egg-shaped cabinet design, and solid wood painted angled legs to ascertain high stability when playing. For maximum firmness, the club model features a solid base weight of 170 pounds.


Rene Pierre Club Foosball table also features telescoping rods which ensure user safety. Unlike ordinary foosball tables, this table’s playing rods move back and forth outside the cabinet as opposed to a rod which is stitched directly through a hole. This design guarantees user safety as they can avoid being hit with the pole when they are inattentive.

These telescopic rods also have an ergonomically round handle attached to tightening rings for quality and versatile playing experience. This specific feature makes this table a must-have in any busy foosball environment.

Counterbalanced men

One of my favorite characteristics of this table is its counterbalanced men; meaning the weight of the head of the man is equal to the weight of his toe. Playing with unbalanced players is quite frustrating, if not inconveniencing. They fail to go in the direction you want, and when it comes to defense, you must find a way to effectively block the ball since the ordinary maneuver will not work. Counterbalanced men stay in the position you want as well as add speed to your shots.


  • Simplistic yet elegant design
  • Counterbalanced and hand-painted players
  • European/French style table design
  • Side ball return
  • Ergonomic round handles for maximum ball control


  • Some foosball players do not prefer the single goalie setup


Rene Pierre Club foosball table transforms a classic bar game into a classy alternative apt for both homes and cafes. Whether it is its superb quality, its chrome-plated telescopic rods, its counterbalanced men or its smooth surface, this table will surely check out all the stops in your list when you are looking for the best foosball table.




James is an experienced foosball player who has won multiple tournaments. Having been introduced to the game when he was twelve, he has racked up years of competitive foosball that he was given special dispensation by his home town’s local authority to participate in pub tournaments in the area at a very young age. He spends his free time teaching the youth in his area how to play foosball, as well as providing classes on foosball techniques for players of all levels. After picking up a passion for DIY crafts and learning how to build tables, he has spent every Saturday at home making a foosball table for donation to homeless shelters in his state.

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