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The Eastpoint Ellington

The Eastpoint Ellington Review – The official competition-sized foosball table

Are you looking for a pocket-friendly foosball table ideal for light use? The Eastpoint Ellington foosball table offers players an attractive and stylish option when it comes to playing foosball.

If you love playing foosball, then you understand how important it is to have a decent foosball table. The Eastpoint Ellington foosball table is an exceptional table with a bunch of striking characteristics. From its sleek design to its large playing field and high-performance steel playing rods, this table is perfect for playing for long hours with your family and friends.

Eastpoint Sports, an innovative company which delivers top-tier home recreational products, manufactures this beautiful table. Its unique designs and budget-convenient products make it a popular brand in the market.

What to expect from the Eastpoint Ellington Foosball Table

The Eastpoint Ellington foosball table an ideal choice for both new and experienced foosball players. Not only does it have an elegant design ideal for an apartment or house, but it also allows you to play like a pro. It comes with a full player set of black and white men as well as extra players for the ultimate player experience.

With 60 inches, this foosball table has steel rod blushing, with black rubber handles, which operate in a spin and slide design allowing you to utilize maximum accuracy and power during game time. It also features bead style scoring to keep track of the fun while playing.

What are the key features?

The Ellington is a nice-looking game table with the stability of a horse as you go head-to-head with your opponent. It is an excellent addition to any family game room as it instantly stands out and captures the attention in the place.

From its easy to setup procedure to its rod bushing spin and realistic player style, you will experience a real feel of the game. Here are some more good qualities of this table.

Adequate foosballs and practical player style

When playing foosball, one of the most irritating problems is the lack of sufficient foosballs. Their compact and blended design makes them easy to lose. Luckily, the Ellington comes with four textured foosballs, allowing you to play comfortably without worrying about the balls getting lost frequently.

This table also comes with the traditional robot style players made of rods to ensure their durability. With these realistic players, you will have a playing experience like no other. 

Bead style tracker

Regardless of the type of game you are playing, scoring is the most crucial aspect of it. Eastpoint Ellington offers an easy to use scoring experience where a player who merely scores by moving a bead to the adjacent side. This style of recording prevents cheating as it is quite straightforward and is easy to monitor.

Similarly, this scoring style adds elegance and convenience to the table. It is definitely worth the purchase for any first-time players who are looking forward to becoming foosball pros.

Large playing field

This table comes in the standard foosball table size. With dimensions of 56 inches long, 30 inches wide, and 36 inches high, Ellington provides a long-lasting and productive entertainment option for your family and friends.

With such an oversized playing field as well as other accessories such as a shim pack for reliable leveling, players can easily make fast and tactical decisions to bury the foosball in the back, thus winning the game.


  • The instruction manual is easy to understand when assembling the table
  • Contains extra foosballs for a better gamer experience
  • Comes together with an exterior which has a premium level coating
  • Made of high-quality material and durable finishing
  • Realistic robot style players


  • Unbalanced foosball players
  • Not ideal for professional use as it lacks a stable stance for serious and frequent competitors


The Eastpoint Ellington Foosball table is one of the best foosball tables in the market. Whether it is a large surface to durable and non-slip player rods to the availability of enough foosballs, this table is guaranteed to offer players fair gameplay, regardless of their level of expertise.

Foosball has no age restrictions as it is for both the young and old. The Ellington has about 4ft high legs to ensure users of all ages can easily access the game. Even though it is somewhat more costly than other foosball tables in the market, it is ultimately worth the purchase due to its durable nature, among other distinct features.




James is an experienced foosball player who has won multiple tournaments. Having been introduced to the game when he was twelve, he has racked up years of competitive foosball that he was given special dispensation by his home town’s local authority to participate in pub tournaments in the area at a very young age. He spends his free time teaching the youth in his area how to play foosball, as well as providing classes on foosball techniques for players of all levels. After picking up a passion for DIY crafts and learning how to build tables, he has spent every Saturday at home making a foosball table for donation to homeless shelters in his state.

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