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James is an experienced foosball player who has won multiple tournaments. Having been introduced to the game when he was twelve, he has racked up years of competitive foosball that he was given special dispensation by his home town’s local authority to participate in pub tournaments in the area at a very young age. He spends his free time teaching the youth in his area how to play foosball, as well as providing classes on foosball techniques for players of all levels. After picking up a passion for DIY crafts and learning how to build tables, he has spent every Saturday at home making a foosball table for donation to homeless shelters in his state.

 5 Best Foosball Table Brands in the World Today

Best Foosball Table Brands

Some foosball tables will break your heart with how short they last. We reveal the 5 best foosball table brands you can rely on. Foosball is a popular sport and there are so many manufacturers that deal in foosball tables. Some will disappoint you because their tables are hideous or …

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The KICK Legend Review – The Best Foosball Table in the Market

The KICK Legend

Are you looking for the best foosball table to brighten up your home, organization or workplace? Enjoy playing an enthusiastic game of foosball using the KICK Legend Foosball table. The KICK Legend Foosball table is a top-of-the-line foosball table with numerous features available only in more highly priced models. Its …

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The Rene Pierre Club Foosball Table review

The Rene Pierre Club Foosball Table

Are you looking for an elegant yet versatile foosball table for your home or restaurant? Rene Pierre’s Club foosball table is the ideal choice. Read on for more insight on why this impressive table is a favorite among foosball enthusiasts. If you are conversant with French foosball tables, you understand …

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