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About Us

Foosball is friendly and fun, and is an ideal game for all people. The table sport, which is based on soccer, features virtual players on a miniature pitch who are controlled by table rods that run across the table. Like soccer, foosball can be strategic, competitive and enjoyable. It can be played in a variety of settings, ranging from a competitive tournament setup to a friendly and relaxed game at home. If you have a foosball table in your game room, chances are high that you never even turn your screens on.

If you are looking to find out everything you need to know about foosball, we are the brand for you. Our team is composed of people who enjoy foosball and have some experience in the field. We will guide you on all matters strategy and technique, allowing you to develop your game and outplay your friends. While foosball can be an enjoyable and friendly game, it can also be very competitive. We could help get you in shape in no time and have you impressing them with our tactical and technical range. By keeping up with us, we will be able to break down angles and sliding strategies to help you boost the strength of your game.

We also offer professional reviews of foosball tables, which are accurate and trustworthy due to the wealth of experience in the table sport. We understand the needs of different foosball players, having grown up enjoying the game for a long period of time. With our reviews and guides, you will be able to find an ideal foosball table for your needs, inclusive of features such as lighting and covers.

For people who are interested in DIY foosball tables, we offer the best advice available in terms of the ideal materials to use and dimensions, as well as provide insight on how to improve your foosball table. We will also help you understand the basic foosball rules, as well as help you improve aspects of performance. Through our foosball tips, you will be better able to serve, shoot and play foosball. We also provide some insight as to how to replace different parts of your foosball table, as well as how to disassemble and reassemble your model.

Whether you are looking for entry level or elite foosball tables, those with modern or antique designs, multipurpose foosball coffee tables, tabletop, folding or standalone foosball tables, or those featuring a three-man goalie or a one-man goalie system, we are the right source of information for you!