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5 Best Foosball Tables You Can Get for Under $300

Table soccer is a thrilling sport. Unfortunately tables can be expensive. In the article we review 5 awesome foosball tables you can get for under $300!

Are you a fan of foosball who needs a foosball table for your place but you are unfortunately under a tight budget? We got you covered.

We have done our research, tested, let our experiences of different tables dictate our evaluation, and what we came up with are 5 great foosball tables which you can get at an affordable price less than $300.

Comparison Table

Before we start, take a look at the products we will review as presented in this comparison table:

ProductCheck on Amazon
ESPN Arcadecheck price here
EastPoint Sport Prestoncheck price here
Hathaway Playoffcheck price here
Best Choice Productscheck price here
Giantexcheck price here

Best Foosball Tables Under $300 Reviews

1. ESPN Arcade Foosball Table – Need No Tools to Assemble

ESPN Arcade Foosball TableThis foosball has a stunning look. A flawless black and white gives it a stylish elegance that makes the table an eye-catching addition to any room. It will look good in the home, office, or out on the patio.

Everything you need comes with the table, which means you don’t have to buy or look for anything extra. You get a complete set that contains all the supplies. Furthermore, you don’t need any tool to assemble the table.

In some foosball tables, the players go back to the vertical position when you release them, a situation which makes you prone to blocking your own shots. Not this table. Thanks to its counterbalanced players, you have a clear field to make long power shots for a truly lively game of foosball.

In addition, the table features high-performing rods and quality ball bearings that ensure excellent ball-to-player connection with almost no resistance or mishaps.

The sport of foosball requires a balanced, even table. Otherwise, one side gets an unfair advantage. To ensure this does not happen, the ESPN Arcade table features oversized leg levelers.

Assembling the table is a bit of a chore and will take some hours.


-Counterbalanced men

-High-performing rods

-Leg levelers for an even game

-Don’t need any tool for assembly


-Time-consuming assembly


View price on Amazon


2.  EastPoint Sports Preston Foosball Table

EastPoint Sports Preston Foosball TableQuality of rods determines the speed of a foosball game. Good rods give you a high level of ball control and shot performance. This table has steel rods with high-performance bushings which spin and slide easily, enabling you to play a fast and ferocious game.

To ensure an even playing field for all sides, the table features oversized leg levelers. Uneven playing fields cause one side to gain an undue advantage.

The table measures 54 by 29.5 inches, with a width of 34.5 inches. Both casual and competitive players will find it satisfactory.

It features a bead-style scoring system that tracks the game action so you don’t have to and can focus all your attention on scoring and beating your opponent.

The table comes with 2 foosballs, ensuring that the game will go on for longer.

You can set it up in your living room, basement, rec room, garage, man cave, or even the office. It’s a great piece of entertainment hardware for any spot.

When new, it has an odor, but it goes away after a while.


-Leg levelers

-Counterbalanced men

-2 foosballs


-Has an odor when new


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3. Hathaway Playoff 4-Inch Foosball Table – For an Exciting, Immersive Experience

Hathaway Playoff 4-Inch Foosball TableThe unique design of this foosball table makes it a stunning addition to any room. It would look fantastic in an office setting, especially, something to show off to people who visit your office. It features bright, colorful graphics that depict an ecstatic soccer stadium packed with fans.

It also has realistic, ABS-molded players that give you an immersive, exciting experience, as if you are actually playing a game of soccer. Such attention to the details of realism makes any game you play on the table exciting, different from other foosball tables with their minimalist, bland look.

It has ergonomic handles that ensure you can play for longer periods. Analog counters help keep scoring simple, so you won’t have to rack your brains too hard and take your focus off the game.

Durability comes in the shape of quality, engineered wood construction. If you are looking for a sturdy table, consider this one. Furthermore, the steel rods enable smooth and stable play.

For a level playing field, the table has integrated leg levelers that are easily adjustable.  That way, no one side gets an unfair advantage.

It has small handles, though.


-Ergonomic handles

-Durable wood construction

-Realistic detail-packed immersion


-Small handles

-Does not have counterbalanced players


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4. Best Choice Products 48-Inch Wooden Foosball Table

Best Choice Products 48-Inch Wooden Foosball TableThe composite fiberboard-with-wood-veneer construction of this foosball table gives it a charming look that would fit well in any home game room or office entertainment area. The 48-inch table is competition size. It measures 48 by 24 inches, with a height of 33 inches.

It weighs 42 pounds. You can easily carry it without assistance.

The table has 8 rows. That means 4 rows per team.  It has a total of 22 players, with 11 red on one side and 11 white on the other side.

Furthermore, it comes with a cup holder on each end, so when the game heats up and either you or your opponent gets thirsty you can have a drink to keep you hydrated.

It features rod bars that have comfortable grips for better ball-control. The more control you have, the faster you can play and the better your accuracy.

The table includes 2 balls. It comprises of composite wood and chrome-finished steel rods.

The instructions can be unclear and you could end up installing the players facing the wrong way.



-Rod bars with comfortable grip

-Includes 2 cup holders


-Instructions not clear


View price on Amazon


5. Giantex 37-Inch Foosball Table – Kids Love It

Giantex 37-Inch Foosball Table For a foosball table your kids will love, consider this 37-inch table. It measures 37 by 20 inches with a 30-inch height. You can easily fit it in any room: game room, playroom, garage, basement, and so forth.

It only weighs 29 pounds, highly lightweight, so your kids can transport it when they wish to take it to another room. It also means that you can bring it along when you take the family on a trip.

It consists of a durable wood construction, with solid steel rods that are sturdy and reliable. Furthermore, the leg construction gives the structure additional stability.

The strong steel rods have slide bearings for smooth rotation and ball serve cups on both sides (convenience).

Each goal has plastic manual slide scorers. The table features a total of 6 rows, which means 3 rows per team. It has 7 red players and 7 yellow players.

Other features include internal ball retrieval at each goal and a unified leg panel design that features leg spanners on either side.

Putting it together will take a while.


-Durable construction


-Super portable


-Time-consuming assembly


View price on Amazon


Main Problems of a Foosball Table

Just like any other piece of furniture, foosball tables experience wear and tear. Things like mishandling, spilling drinks, dust accumulation, and natural depreciation lead to the damage of a foosball table’s parts and accessories.

The following are the main problems you should watch out for so as to maintain your foosball table and keep it in good condition for a long time:

  1. Stuck Rods

Rods are highly important in a foosball game. They provide the interface between you and the foosball players as well as the ball. Rods determine the tempo of a game. Stuck rods or rods that spin with difficulty are going to severely affect the speed and rhythm of a foosball game.

Long-term use, especially without lubrication, may lead to rods becoming rough and tough to spin. To keep your rods in good condition, lubricate them, and you will always enjoy a flowing game.

  1. Accumulated Dirt or Spills

Accumulation of dirt and spills on the foosball tables causes ugly stains. When you play foosball with bare hands and sweating palms, naturally you will leave grimy marks on the table. The same is true if you have drinks on the table which accidentally spill on it.

To keep your table clean and appealing, spray and wipe over the grimy area. Spray alcohol on it to sanitize the table and keep it safe, particularly if you have children playing on the table.

  1. Missing or Chipped Foosballs

Due to rough game play, foosballs can suffer a lot of strain. When you hammer the balls, it can damage them. You can also lose them when they get displaced due to a powerful hit. Foosballs are the most commonly replaced part.


How to Clean Your Foosball Table

Ensure that you clean and care for every part of the table.

  1. Blow-dry

To start off, use a can of compressed air to blow away any dust or particles concealed in hard-to reach places. Pieces of food may be stuck in those hidden areas. Ensure you cover all the nooks and crannies – this will improve the appearance and health of the foosball table.

  1. Dry Cloth Wipe-down

Using a dry, clean cloth that is soft and chemical-free, wipe down all the parts of your machine. This includes the rod handles and the foosball players. This exercise removes all noticeable spillage and debris from the surfaces of the table.

If you notice some stains still remain, don’t worry: this is still the preliminary cleaning stage. Don’t forget to wipe down the legs as well as the bottom part of the table.

  1. Rubbing Alcohol Wipe-down

Next, apply rubbing alcohol to a soft, chemical-free, clean piece of cloth. You get the best results from one that is 70% to 80% by volume.

Wipe down the table surfaces in the same fashion that you did with the dry cloth. Use the rubbing alcohol sparingly and you will note that it evaporates quickly. If you use the right quantities, it won’t leave any smell or residue on the table.

The alcohol achieves two things: it cleans the table, and it sanitizes the table. Ensure you apply to the entire table, from top to bottom. Try to cover the hard-to-reach places as well.

Rub extra hard at the black marks on the table (the marks are made by foosballs). Rub as hard as it takes to get them off, but take care you don’t harm the rods.

  1. Lubricate the Rods

Finally, apply foosball lubricant on the rods. The best type of lubricant for the job is silicone because it does not damage the bearings and bumpers like oil-based lubricants. Pick a liquid silicone lubricant over a spray lubricant, because the liquid can go inside the bearings and lubricate them properly.

The best silicone lubricant gives a slick (not slippery) finish to the rods, which ensures a smoother game.

The silicone lubricant is specifically made for foosball tables, and therefore does not negatively affect your game.

Never apply WD-40 on the rods. It will make them excessively slippery and will over time degrade their quality, leading to malfunctioning and poor games.

  1. Cleaning the Foosballs

If the balls look ragged, use rubbing alcohol to clean and wipe them down. If this does not improve their appearance, put the balls in a sock, which you run through the washing machine together with a load of whites. Don’t put the balls in the dryer. Let them air-dry.



Our choice for best table is the EastPoint Sports Preston. The second position goes to the Hathaway Playoff, which only missed first position because it does not have counterbalanced players.

The Hathaway Playoff is an impressive table thanks to its ergonomic handles, quality wood construction, and unique design that gives it an immersive experience.

The EastPoint Sports Preston has counterbalanced players, oversized leg levelers, and high-performance rod bushings that spin and slide easily to enable a fast game of foosball.

If you had to pick, which of the five would you buy?




James is an experienced foosball player who has won multiple tournaments. Having been introduced to the game when he was twelve, he has racked up years of competitive foosball that he was given special dispensation by his home town’s local authority to participate in pub tournaments in the area at a very young age. He spends his free time teaching the youth in his area how to play foosball, as well as providing classes on foosball techniques for players of all levels. After picking up a passion for DIY crafts and learning how to build tables, he has spent every Saturday at home making a foosball table for donation to homeless shelters in his state.

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