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 5 Best Foosball Table Brands in the World Today

Some foosball tables will break your heart with how short they last. We reveal the 5 best foosball table brands you can rely on.

Foosball is a popular sport and there are so many manufacturers that deal in foosball tables. Some will disappoint you because their tables are hideous or function poorly. Some have mastered a fine synergy between craftsmanship and modern technology.

We give you the 5 best foosball table brands, the ones to put on your list when you are shopping for a foosball table.


Comparison Table

The brands discussed in this article are as follows:

ProductCheck Amazon
TornadoCheck Out One of its Products
GarlandoCheck Out One of its Products
HathawayCheck Out One of its Products
CarromCheck Out One of its Products
KickCheck Out One of its Products

Best Foosball Table Brands Reviews

1. Tornado – International Tournaments’ Favorite Brand

TornadoThe American foosball table Brand Tornado exists under the umbrella of a company known as Valley-Dynamo. Valley-Dynamo consists of several brands which it has acquired over the years.
It acquired Tornado in 1996.

The Tornado brand was founded in 1970 and has distinguished itself as one of the leading manufacturers of tournament-style foosball tables. It is an official table of the ITSF (International Table Soccer Federation), and thus many professional players in the world consider it a top-notch foosball table.

Tornado tables provide durability as well as smooth and fast play. They also feature attractive designs.

Even with vintage Tornado tables, you can always find the necessary parts you need to upgrade your table.

Tornado is probably the most renowned American foosball table manufacturer. It defined America’s smooth power play style which involves 13 men on the field, a hard and flat formica surface and the hard court style of foosball.

Examples of Tornado include the Tornado Elite, the Tornado Tournament 3000, and the Tornado Classic.

For competitive play, buy the Tournament 3000 or the Elite. The main difference between the two is that the Elite’s cabinet is lighter and may budge during intense games.

For a recreational table just for having fun with your friends, the Classic will do, though not as durable as the other two. Furthermore, the quality of the rods and the ball return system does not match the Elite and the Tournament 3000.


-Almost 5 decades of experience

-Defined American style of play

-No loss in value over time

-Replacement parts available, even for vintage tables

-Recognized by international competitions


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2. Garlando – A Culture of Craftsmanship and Quality

Garlando – A Culture of Craftsmanship and QualityThe Garlando brand has been operating since 1954, manufacturing and marketing products for sport and leisure. The Italian brand prizes quality production, a fact that won the company registered patents and safety certifications. For instance, Garlando has ISO 140001 environmental safety and a CE mark for toy manufacturing safety.

The company has over the years fused craftsmanship with technology to make foosball tables, table tennis tables, pool tables, and air hockey tables.

Garlando makes both business and personal table – that is both coin operated and non-coin operated tables.

Though Garlando is a European company, they make their tables in both the European and the American style.

Garlando tables feature strong colors and designs. They have a strong construction, stability, and excellent playability. In Europe, their main competitors are French-based foosball table companies Bonzini and Rene Pierre.

Examples of Garlando tables include the F-200 Evolution and the G-500.


-Decades’ worth of experience

-Great designs

-Durability and stability


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3. Hathaway – One of the Fastest Growing Brands in Game Room Industry

HathawayThe Brand Hathaway belongs to a larger company known as Blue Wave that has made a name for itself in pool and sauna supplies, variety of sports and outdoor product, patio accessories, floats and toys, indoor games and outdoor games, and so forth.

The Hathaway brand is renowned for its game room products, and is one of the fastest growing brands in that industry. In addition to foosball tables, they also deal in air hockey tables and pool tables, darts, arcade, shuffleboard, and so forth. You can find their products with most major online retailers.

One of their best known tables is the Hathaway Primo, which has a wood cabinet look. Other tables include Crossfire and Playoff, which are great for kids and for occasional play.


-One of the fastest growing brands in game room products


-Many of their tables are for kids and hobby players


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4. Carrom – Quality, Wholesome Fun for the Family

CarromThe Carrom company has been manufacturing games for 130 years in the US. It has its headquarters at Ludington, Michigan.

The company began in the 1890’s when Henry Haskell decided to construct a game for the use of boys in a bid to keep them from pool rooms.

Carrom has made a name for itself in the market as the most traditional foosball table brand. Many people prefer to buy from Carrom because of its origin, its many years of experience, the story of the brand. They also like that it is located in the Mid-West and stands for American values of family.

Other than foosball tables, the company also manufactures family game tables such as air and bubble hockey, pool, shuffleboard, basketball arcades, and so forth.

Carrom tables feature a mix of quality and innovation. It focuses on providing quality fun for the family.

In the foosball industry, the Carrom brand is better known for creating fun family tables than tournament or professional line products.

Examples of Carrom tables include the Carrom Signature, Carrom 750.33 Burr Oak, and Carrom 750.20 Aegean Fresco.


-Great foosball tables for the family

– Many years of experience

-Quality tables


-Tables are better for family fun than use in competitions


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5. Kick – Affordable Foosball Tables

KickThe Kick brand makes a place itself in the market by keeping its costs low to provide affordable foosball tables. As a testament of the company’s belief in the quality of its products, Kick offers a lifetime manufacturer warranty and a satisfaction policy to ensure their customers have no reason to complain.

Kick has its headquarters and warehouse in the USA where it designs and engineers the tables it sells. However, as with many brands nowadays, Kick’s production takes place in China so as to keep costs low.

The lifetime warranty helps reduce customer’s stress. In addition, it’s easy to replace parts – you can contact them directly.

They have great customer Available communication avenues include phone and email.

Examples of Kick foosball tables include Triumph, Legend, and Splendor.


-Affordable prices

-Replacement parts available

-Great customer support


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Types of Foosball Tables

When shopping for a foosball table, you should know in advance the type of table you want. The following are the various types of foosball tables:

  1. Table Top

People also call it a mini foosball table because it’s small. It has a perfect shape for kids or for people who don’t have enough space to accommodate a table.

The advantage of the tabletop is the amazing flexibility it provides. When your game is over, you can put away the foosball tabletop away and use the regular table for other activities such having meals or doing homework.

Ensure you buy a quality tabletop since table tops are more vulnerable to getting damaged, especially when you are moving them. They are typically made of plastic, which explains their low price.

Table top models require a sturdy playing surface – for instance, your dining room table, coffee table, or a countertop. You can also place the table top on the floor, although you can’t play comfortably in that position.

It’s okay to buy a tabletop when all you want is to play and have fun, but if you have your sights set on competitive foosball a freestanding table is a better choice.

Table tops are a good buy for your kids because it allows them to learn the game before they are ready to play on a larger table.

  1. Freestanding

If you have enough room in your house, it’s better to buy a freestanding table. With these, you do not need to hijack a dining table or a countertop. Freestanding tables stand on their own four legs.

Naturally, they cost more than table tops. However, the cheapness of table tops is expensive as they are prone to damage. Freestanding tables are the opposite: costlier, but far more durable, and therefore more cost-effective in the long run.

One of the challenges people face when playing foosball is unlevel flooring which causes the table to slant slightly in favor of one side and giving it an unfair advantage. For that reason, ensure you choose a table that has adjustable legs. With such tables, you can make adjustments so as to make the playing surface level and fair.

  1. Combination Game Tables

If shopping for a child-friendly table or looking for something that gives you as much value as possible, you can buy a combination game table. This gaming table is convertible into different types of table games: foosball, billiards, air hockey, and so forth.

The combinations vary for different models and manufacturers. Most of these tables are high-quality and are typically full-size.

Kids love them. They also suit people who live in small apartments that don’t have room to accommodate several game tables.

  1. Coin-Operated

You find this kind of table at business establishments mostly, such as in arcades and sports bars. To play, you have to input some coins.

Coin-operated tables are more expensive than regular tables because they feature extra components for the mechanism that takes in money.

Furthermore, these are typically super heavy-duty so as to withstand all the abuse customers in arcades or bars might throw at them.


Factors to Consider When Buying a Foosball Table

The following are the things to look for when you are shopping for a foosball table:

  1. Size

Before you make a purchase, measure out the space you have – how much room do you have? Do not forget to factor in your moving around room and the length of fully extended rods in your calculations.

For a standard full-size table, pick one that is about 56-inches long and 30-inches wide. Remember that the width indicated by manufacturers does not factor in fully extended rods.

  1. Materials

The three main materials used in foosball table construction are particle board, solid wood, and composite.

Particle board is the cheapest and weakest. It is likely to break down over time. Tables that have a weight under 70 pounds are typically made of particleboard.

Composite and solid wood are both high quality materials. Solid wood is highly durable and has great quality of play. Its main limitation is that it can’t survive humidity – it warps.

Composite does not have solid wood’s playability. On the other hand, humidity has an effect on it.

  1. Rods

Speed, control, and the accuracy of your shots depends on the quality of the rods. Pick hollow steel rods as they weigh less, enabling you to really speed up your game.

Solid steel rods are slower and you will mostly find them in mid-level foosball tables.

  1. Table Levelers

As we mentioned, a foosball table must be level for a game to have fairness. Prioritize table levelers as a priority when picking a foosball table. A table with adjustable legs enables you to adjust its height, which is convenient in case of an uneven floor.

  1. Counterweighted Players

Always pick a table that has counterbalanced players. These sort stay in a horizontal position when released. In other words, they do not get in the way of your shot. They enable you to make power shots. A foosball table can’t have truly lively games if the men are not counterweighted.



This one is pretty easy to call. It’s no match: the best foosball brand in the world is unquestionably Tornado. For runner’s up, we pick the Italian company Garlando.

Garlando has decades of experience, and has received numerous certifications and registered patents in the course of that time. The company favors craftsmanship, strong construction, and stability in its tables. Furthermore, being European, their taste for aesthetics expresses itself in the colors and designs of the tables.

Tornado has decades of experience too and makes tables that are durable and give a smooth, fast style. Tornado defined America’s style of play and has recognition from international competitions such as the ITSF. The fame of the Tornado brand makes it the undeniable best foosball table brand.

When shopping, which of these brands will you go for?





James is an experienced foosball player who has won multiple tournaments. Having been introduced to the game when he was twelve, he has racked up years of competitive foosball that he was given special dispensation by his home town’s local authority to participate in pub tournaments in the area at a very young age. He spends his free time teaching the youth in his area how to play foosball, as well as providing classes on foosball techniques for players of all levels. After picking up a passion for DIY crafts and learning how to build tables, he has spent every Saturday at home making a foosball table for donation to homeless shelters in his state.

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